The letters and diaries of Lieutenant Philip R. Woodcock
121st Regiment, New York State Infantry
"Upton's Regulars"
September 4, 1862-November 9, 1865

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Names & Life & Such

I've been away from my posts for a week or so, but haven't abandoned the project!  I'm only scratching the surface of it.  My personal life has taken me away from a computer of late (ie: vacation, daughter moving into college, work etc.) and yet, when I reflect on that--I realize that my great-great grandfather Philip was doing the exact same thing--working, worrying about home and his wife and child and simply "taking care" of his life--all during his war experience.

Today, I thought I'd post some of his Muster Roll Diary from 1863.  There are lists of names and lists of shoes and supplies distributed.  Lists and lists and lists...not too far from my own life 151 years later...

This one is a little tough to view as it has aged the most.  It's basically the leather cover (still intact) and his first page.

 You can see this one clearly says: "Company Roll Book, Co E 121 Regt NYS, Sergt P. R. Woodcock":

And then comes the names...Reynolds, Simmons, Stevens (wounded), three Smith's in a row, Sieger, Turp (?), VanNost (cook), VanHorne (Antietam Hospital), Wright, three Wood's (one the drummer), Woodcock (brother George actually), Walrath (in hospital) and Bently (also in hospital).

That is only the right side of the page.  The left side are those who are sick, wounded or missing....

And the lists go on:  People killed, money paid, wounded...these are only a few pages of the 23 that I've scanned from this diary.  More to come!

Hope your life & such is moving along also...

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