The letters and diaries of Lieutenant Philip R. Woodcock
121st Regiment, New York State Infantry
"Upton's Regulars"
September 4, 1862-November 9, 1865

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time to Catch Up

 I have been away from posting for a couple of weeks.  As modern life would have it, I had been using this blog as a means-to-an-end ie: crafting a manuscript for publication.  Well, about a month ago, I went to that saved manuscript and it had disappeared!  All 200+ pages of it...

I was very dismayed.

So, as I've been taking a long, big sigh, I've also been going over in my head what direction I wish to take with this project.  I have decided to go back in time to where I left off--the Winter of 1863--and continue in order of his letters.  I'll continue to throw in some relevant "150 Years Ago Today" type stuff, but I need to get back to the nuts and bolts of why I started this project in the first place...and that was to get Philip's words to Roby written down and therein, lies his story.

Please continue to join me on his journey...

**(I invite you to catch up on previous posts if you haven't had the time to read them. )

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  1. Deb - I have been catching up on all of your older blogs and have been really enjoying them. I was sorry to see when I got to this blog that you lost your manuscript. I hope there is a way to recover it
    I am amazed at how engrossing his letters are with such great descriptions of his life in the army and in the battles of the war. You are doing an excellent job of bringing great grandfather Woodcock's letters and journal to life.
    I plan to try to get my brother Don to read them next.
    Your grateful cousin Charles Woodcock