The letters and diaries of Lieutenant Philip R. Woodcock
121st Regiment, New York State Infantry
"Upton's Regulars"
September 4, 1862-November 9, 1865

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Finishing What I Started

I definitely have a problem with finishing up projects ~ uncompleted crafts, household chores and repairs, gardening, music...I could go on.  That being said, I'm finally sitting down to finish up Philip's letter from April 6/7, 1863.  Hope you enjoyed the picture of Roby I posted previously!

And now, the continuation:

"I wrote a letter to Wm Fitch to day (sic) Why dont Sarah and Father write to me (?) I only get letters from you so I guess you are the only one that thinks anything of me and that is one great consolation to a soldier to know that he has a loving wife at home and a boy who would love him if he knew anything of him ~I wonder if he realizes that he has a papa any other than the one that is shut up in the drawer."

How poignant that is...then he goes on to talk about a special visitor:

" The weather has been fine today. We had battalion Drill this afternoon While we were on picket our Division was reviewed by Gen Hooker and tomorrow we are to have another one and by no less a personage than the President of the UStates.  Old Abe, and you may believe we are agoing to have a great time too(,) we are anxious to have a sight of him again. He went up in a baloon near us to day and took a good view of the Rebs but I must close"

And various afterthoughts:

"  I think I shall write to J.D. Peck to night..."
" Frank Ray was over to see me to day..."
"I heard that Jim Van Horne had  been discharged but Phil was coming up with the Regt"

Continuing on:

"We have a new order to day Every man has to shave his whiskers off but have a moustache (sic) if he has none, cultivate one, I think we shall have a battle here soon though if our corps lies here we shall not be engaged in it directly but I guess we shall have our hands full for while the rest of the Army goes up the River and attacks the Enemy, Right and Rear we will have to defend our present position at all hazards and perhaps attack them in their present front ~ but time will soon tell but I must close.  Write soon as you get this write often Love me as ever Kiss little Georgie Remember me to [Ward or Mark] way tell him to write &c Remember me to all so good bye for this time

From PR Woodcock  "

That's the end of that letter!  Onto the next~ thanks for being a patient reader.

See you next time!



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